JD.com Inc (JD) Historical Stock Data

52.17 ↓0.61 (-1.16%)
As of May 20, 2022, 3:59pm EST.

Historical Data

In the past 30 trading days, JD is down -0.72% a day on average. There have been 10 days where JD.com Inc closed green and 20 days where JD closed red.

2022-05-2054.2552.17↓$2.08 (-3.83%)50.9954.8912.28M
2022-05-1951.0952.78↑$1.69 (3.31%)51.0253.6413.77M
2022-05-1852.4351.20↓$1.23 (-2.35%)50.6453.2612.11M
2022-05-1755.6653.67↓$1.99 (-3.58%)49.7056.4038.01M
2022-05-1651.6951.53↓$0.16 (-0.31%)51.1652.758.86M
2022-05-1349.9651.55↑$1.59 (3.18%)49.7152.3511.51M
2022-05-1248.8348.67↓$0.16 (-0.33%)46.8449.8312.77M
2022-05-1152.3249.83↓$2.49 (-4.76%)49.5553.2713.26M
2022-05-1053.7051.65↓$2.05 (-3.81%)50.1853.8518.33M
2022-05-0953.7051.04↓$2.66 (-4.95%)50.1253.7822.19M
2022-05-0658.1155.61↓$2.50 (-4.30%)55.4558.7014.81M
2022-05-0560.5859.39↓$1.19 (-1.96%)58.2761.1911.22M
2022-05-0460.2363.18↑$2.95 (4.90%)59.1163.339.21M
2022-05-0362.8062.17↓$0.63 (-1.00%)61.6563.969.09M
2022-05-0261.6463.37↑$1.73 (2.81%)60.9163.579.98M
2022-04-2965.0861.66↓$3.42 (-5.26%)61.5665.1919.44M
2022-04-2857.8257.81↓$0.01 (-0.02%)56.1558.737.98M
2022-04-2755.4957.42↑$1.93 (3.48%)55.3558.8914.65M
2022-04-2654.1353.21↓$0.92 (-1.70%)52.9255.499.44M
2022-04-2550.8353.72↑$2.89 (5.69%)50.5954.029.09M
2022-04-2252.8852.04↓$0.84 (-1.59%)51.3154.2912.19M
2022-04-2152.8950.70↓$2.19 (-4.14%)50.2753.669.90M
2022-04-2056.6053.75↓$2.85 (-5.04%)53.0356.609.26M
2022-04-1956.3556.89↑$0.54 (0.96%)55.0856.928.22M
2022-04-1855.4457.50↑$2.06 (3.72%)55.3458.139.17M
2022-04-1457.3456.56↓$0.78 (-1.36%)56.2757.977.20M
2022-04-1357.7458.28↑$0.54 (0.94%)56.9959.7011.63M
2022-04-1257.4856.48↓$1.00 (-1.74%)56.4558.317.92M
2022-04-1155.7856.83↑$1.05 (1.88%)54.8558.238.77M
2022-04-0856.7556.54↓$0.21 (-0.37%)55.8257.8510.46M
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$JD we had no volume for days before the last big rip

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$JD where’s the WSB guys at? Still sleeping?

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$JD The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself or another person

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$JD the price is wrong

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$JD Looks like a solid reversal - retesting support right now
definitely thinking about swinging this

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$JD tomorrow im gunna have a fucking good day regardless if its red or green. Red is buy green is hodl.

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