ICZOOM Group Inc. Class A Ordinary Shares (IZM) Historical Stock Data

2.19 ↓0.53 (-19.49%)
As of Market Close on March 30th, 2023.

Historical Data

In the past 30 trading days, IZM is down -3.88% a day on average. There have been 5 days where ICZOOM Group Inc. Class A Ordinary Shares closed green and 7 days where IZM closed red.

2023-03-302.642.19↓$0.45 (-17.05%)2.052.64121.02K
2023-03-293.132.72↓$0.41 (-13.10%)2.703.1377.81K
2023-03-283.463.27↓$0.19 (-5.49%)2.963.4686.18K
2023-03-273.423.50↑$0.08 (2.34%)3.213.5938.69K
2023-03-243.373.33↓$0.04 (-1.19%)3.313.6958.19K
2023-03-233.493.49↑$0.00 (0.00%)3.313.6768.20K
2023-03-223.273.49↑$0.22 (6.73%)3.263.7578.57K
2023-03-213.243.30↑$0.06 (1.85%)3.223.3746.27K
2023-03-203.383.23↓$0.15 (-4.44%)3.143.3852.66K
2023-03-173.323.28↓$0.04 (-1.20%)3.213.3236.92K
2023-03-163.153.22↑$0.07 (2.22%)3.103.47190.33K
2023-03-154.003.31↓$0.69 (-17.25%)3.074.22667.80K
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