IEC Electronics Corp (IEC) Ownership

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As of Market Close on November 1st, 2021.

Institutional Ownership

Punch & Associates Inv Mgmt Inc is the biggest individual institutional holder of IEC Electronics Corp (IEC), owning a total of 1.1 million shares. Combined, the top 47 institutional holders of IEC own 82.91% of the company with a total of 8.8 million shares.

In the latest ownership report, the top 47 institutional holders have increased their combined ownership of IEC by 1.5 million shares, a 14.31% increase from the quarter prior.

Institution Ownership Chart

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Top Institutions

OwnerPercent OwnedPercent ChangeShares OwnedShare ChangeDate Reported
Punch & Associates Inv Mgmt Inc10.268%35.978%1,095,300289,8002021-06-30
Punch & Associates Inv Mgmt Inc7.585%-10.291%805,500-92,4002021-03-31
Beryl Capital Management LLC6.841%0.000%729,760729,7602021-09-30
Next Century Growth Investors LLC5.126%-1.887%544,318-10,4662021-03-31
Vanguard Group Inc4.945%24.902%525,167104,7032021-03-31
Vanguard Group Inc4.649%-5.989%493,713-31,4542021-06-30
Vanguard Group Inc4.613%-0.331%492,081-1,6322021-09-30
Next Century Growth Investors LLC4.531%-11.201%483,348-60,9702021-06-30
Walthausen & Co., LLC3.585%100.000%382,480191,2402021-06-30
Renaissance Technologies Corp3.192%-3.061%338,912-10,7002021-03-31
Dimensional Fund Advisors, Inc.3.186%9.792%338,40730,1822021-06-30
Dimensional Fund Advisors, Inc.3.047%-3.939%325,077-13,3302021-09-30
Dimensional Fund Advisors, Inc.2.903%8.946%308,22525,3092021-03-31
Foundry Partners, LLC2.363%0.000%252,075252,0752021-06-30
Renaissance Technologies Corp2.052%-35.407%218,912-120,0002021-06-30
Walthausen & Co., LLC1.801%-2.983%191,240-5,8802021-03-31
Wilen Management CO Inc1.256%-8.334%133,364-12,1252021-03-31
Wilen Management CO Inc1.247%-0.675%132,464-9002021-06-30
Geode Capital Management, LLC0.831%42.559%88,59326,4482021-06-30
Cobblestone Capital Advisors LLC0.723%-4.951%76,790-4,0002021-03-31
Cobblestone Capital Advisors LLC0.720%0.000%76,79002021-06-30
Bridgeway Capital Management, LLC0.613%15.439%65,0508,7002021-03-31
Geode Capital Management, LLC0.585%9.002%62,1455,1322020-12-31
Bridgeway Capital Management, LLC0.495%-18.909%52,750-12,3002021-06-30
Bridgeway Capital Management, LLC0.495%0.000%52,75002021-09-30
LPL Financial Corp0.421%3.771%44,9061,6322021-06-30
LPL Financial Corp0.408%60.900%43,27416,3792021-03-31
BlackRock Inc0.338%-25.353%35,895-12,1912021-03-31
California Public Employees Retrmnt Sys0.334%0.000%35,44702021-03-31
Two Sigma Investments LLC0.329%0.000%34,96834,9682021-03-31
Barclays PLC0.325%0.000%34,70134,7012021-09-30
Morgan Stanley - Brokerage Accounts0.300%5,955.390%32,03331,5042021-06-30
Tatro Capital, LLC0.234%63.605%24,8099,6452021-06-30
Connor Clark & Lunn Inv Mgmt Ltd0.217%-18.768%23,022-5,3192021-03-31
Northern Trust Corp0.216%13.949%22,8822,8012021-03-31
Jb Capital Partners LP0.207%0.000%22,00022,0002021-03-31
Weber Alan W0.207%0.000%22,00002020-12-31
Jb Capital Partners LP0.206%0.000%22,00002021-06-30
Northern Trust Corp0.195%-9.012%20,820-2,0622021-06-30
Ameriprise Financial Inc0.192%0.000%20,38120,3812021-03-31
Commonwealth Equity Services Inc0.180%5.074%19,1769262021-06-30
Commonwealth Equity Services Inc0.172%8.955%18,2501,5002020-12-31
McDonald Partners, LLC0.168%0.000%17,80002021-06-30
Susquehanna International Group, LLP0.167%0.000%17,79817,7982021-06-30
Two Sigma Investments LLC0.166%-49.448%17,677-17,2912021-06-30
Tatro Capital, LLC0.143%0.000%15,16415,1642021-03-31
Squarepoint Ops LLC0.137%0.000%14,51214,5122021-03-31

Mutual Fund Ownership

Foundry Partners Micro Cap Value is the biggest individual fund holder of IEC Electronics Corp (IEC), owning a total of 320 thousand shares. Combined, the top 98 mutual fund holders of IEC own 50.94% of the company with a total of 5.4 million shares.

In the latest ownership report, the top 98 mutual funds have increased their combined ownership of IEC by 487 thousand shares, a 8.24% increase from the quarter prior.

Mutual Funds Chart

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Top Mutual Funds

OwnerPercent OwnedPercent ChangeShares OwnedShare ChangeDate Reported
Foundry Partners Micro Cap Value3.009%0.000%319,500319,5002021-06-30
Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx Inv2.864%0.000%304,15202021-06-30
Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx Inv2.851%0.000%304,15202021-09-30
Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx Inv2.851%0.000%304,15202021-07-31
Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx Inv2.851%0.000%304,15202021-08-31
Next Century Growth Micro Cap Growth1.855%0.000%196,99002021-03-31
Next Century Growth Micro Cap Growth1.855%0.000%196,99002021-06-30
Walthausen & Co Micro Cap Value Comp1.801%0.000%191,24002021-06-30
Vanguard Extended Market Index Investor1.622%0.000%172,19002021-06-30
Vanguard Extended Market Index Investor1.614%0.000%172,19002021-08-31
Vanguard Extended Market Index Investor1.614%0.000%172,19002021-07-31
Vanguard Extended Market Index Investor1.614%0.000%172,19002021-09-30
Man GLG Event Driven Alternative IN USD1.234%0.000%131,679131,6792021-08-31
EHP Global Arbitrage Alternative Cl F1.187%0.000%126,57302021-09-30
EHP Global Arbitrage Alternative Cl F1.187%0.000%126,573126,5732021-08-31
Next Century Growth Micro Cap Growth0.980%-46.928%104,546-92,4442021-09-30
DFA US Small Cap I0.892%0.000%94,71002021-05-31
DFA US Small Cap I0.892%0.000%94,71002021-06-30
DFA US Small Cap I0.888%0.000%94,71002021-09-30
DFA US Small Cap I0.888%0.000%94,71002021-07-31
DFA US Small Cap I0.888%0.000%94,71002021-08-31
Fidelity® Extended Market Index0.513%0.000%54,50202021-06-30
Fidelity® Extended Market Index0.513%0.000%54,50202021-05-31
Fidelity® Extended Market Index0.511%0.000%54,50202021-09-30
Fidelity® Extended Market Index0.511%0.000%54,50202021-07-31
Fidelity® Extended Market Index0.511%0.000%54,50202021-08-31
Bridgeway Ultra-Small Company Market0.474%20.888%50,3508,7002021-06-30
Bridgeway Ultra-Small Company Market0.472%0.000%50,35002021-09-30
DFA US Targeted Value I0.446%3.480%47,5841,6002021-08-31
DFA US Targeted Value I0.446%0.000%47,58402021-09-30
DFA US Targeted Value I0.433%11.140%45,9844,6092021-06-30
DFA US Targeted Value I0.431%0.000%45,98402021-07-31
Bridgeway Ultra-Small Company Market0.392%0.000%41,65002021-03-31
DFA US Targeted Value I0.390%42.148%41,37512,2682021-05-31
DFA US Micro Cap I0.382%0.000%40,78202021-09-30
DFA US Micro Cap I0.382%5.429%40,7822,1002021-07-31
DFA US Micro Cap I0.382%0.000%40,78202021-08-31
DFA US Micro Cap I0.381%4.134%40,5041,6082021-05-31
DFA US Micro Cap I0.364%-4.498%38,682-1,8222021-06-30
GAM Star (Lux) - Merger Arbitrage D CHF0.319%0.000%34,00034,0002021-08-31
Camelot Event Driven A0.287%0.000%30,58502021-09-30
Camelot Event Driven A0.287%188.947%30,58520,0002021-06-30
iShares Micro-Cap ETF0.217%0.000%23,13202021-09-30
DFA US Core Equity 2 I0.216%0.000%22,97802021-05-31
DFA US Core Equity 2 I0.216%0.000%22,97802021-06-30
DFA US Core Equity 2 I0.215%0.000%22,97802021-07-31
DFA US Core Equity 2 I0.215%0.000%22,97802021-09-30
DFA US Core Equity 2 I0.215%0.000%22,97802021-08-31
Dimensional US Small Cap ETF0.209%0.000%22,22002021-07-30
DFA Tax-Managed US Small Cap0.209%0.000%22,22002021-07-30
DFA Tax-Managed US Small Cap0.209%0.000%22,22002021-07-28
DFA Tax-Managed US Small Cap0.209%0.000%22,22002021-06-30
Dimensional US Small Cap ETF0.208%0.000%22,22002021-09-30
Dimensional US Small Cap ETF0.208%0.000%22,22002021-08-31
DFA Tax-Managed US Small Cap0.208%0.000%22,22002021-08-31
iShares Micro-Cap ETF0.185%26.447%19,7324,1272021-08-31
AMG Veritas China N0.151%-61.542%16,067-25,7112021-05-31
DFA US Small Cap Growth Instl0.147%0.000%15,60902021-05-31
Fidelity® Total Market Index0.141%0.000%14,95002021-06-30
Fidelity® Total Market Index0.141%0.000%14,95002021-05-31
Fidelity® Total Market Index0.140%0.000%14,95002021-08-31
Fidelity® Total Market Index0.140%0.000%14,95002021-09-30
Fidelity® Total Market Index0.140%0.000%14,95002021-07-31
DFA US Small Cap Growth Instl0.127%-13.454%13,509-2,1002021-06-30
DFA US Core Equity 1 I0.118%0.000%12,50102021-06-30
DFA US Core Equity 1 I0.118%0.000%12,50102021-05-31
DFA US Core Equity 1 I0.117%0.000%12,50102021-09-30
DFA US Core Equity 1 I0.117%0.000%12,50102021-08-31
DFA US Core Equity 1 I0.117%0.000%12,50102021-07-31
VALIC Company I Small Cap0.116%0.000%12,30002021-03-31
Camelot Event Driven A0.100%-88.335%10,585-80,1542021-03-31
Fidelity® Series Total Market Index0.095%0.000%10,08402021-05-31
Fidelity® Series Total Market Index0.095%0.000%10,08402021-06-30
Fidelity® Series Total Market Index0.095%0.000%10,08402021-08-31
Fidelity® Series Total Market Index0.095%0.000%10,08402021-07-31
Fidelity® Series Total Market Index0.095%0.000%10,08402021-09-30
NT Ext Equity Mkt Idx Fd - L0.088%0.000%9,32202021-06-30
Northern Trust Extended Eq Market Idx0.088%0.000%9,32202021-06-30
Base Inv Macro Dynamic EUR0.086%0.000%9,20002021-09-30
Base Inv Macro Dynamic EUR0.086%0.000%9,2009,2002021-08-31
NT Ext Equity Mkt Idx Fd - NL0.085%0.000%9,04002021-09-30
iShares Core S&P Total US Stock Mkt ETF0.081%0.000%8,60402021-09-30
NT Ext Equity Mkt Idx Fd - L0.080%-8.936%8,489-8332021-09-30
Northern Trust Extended Eq Market Idx0.080%-8.936%8,489-8332021-09-30
Vanguard Instl Ttl Stk Mkt Idx InstlPls0.074%0.000%7,91102021-09-30
T. Rowe Price U.S. Equities Tr0.070%0.000%7,50002021-09-30
DFA US Vector Equity I0.070%0.000%7,46802021-09-30
NT Ext Equity Mkt Idx Fd - DC - NL - T20.064%1.357%6,873922021-09-30
Dimensional Glb Targeted Value USD Acc0.063%0.000%6,75202021-09-30
Gabelli Merger Plus+ Trust Ord0.048%0.000%5,1155,1152021-09-30
GDL Fund0.047%0.000%5,0005,0002021-09-30
Gabelli ABC AAA0.047%0.000%5,0005,0002021-09-30
Bullfinch Greater Western New York0.042%0.000%4,51802021-07-31
SSgA U.S. Extended Market Index Class I0.036%0.000%3,85702021-09-30
DFA US Vector Equity Class F0.035%0.000%3,70602021-09-30
DFA US Core Equity Class F0.029%0.000%3,10002021-09-30
1290 VT Micro Cap K0.017%-11.403%1,857-2392021-09-30
JNL/DFA US Small Cap A0.015%0.000%1,63002021-09-30


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