MarineMax Inc (HZO) Insider Transactions

41.04 ↓2.99 (-6.79%)
As of Market Close on May 18th, 2022.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-05-10W Brett McgillCEOSold 5 Shares$70.19$35145-41.53%Link
2021-05-10William H Mcgill JrChairmanSold 25 Shares$70.18$1,755118-41.52%Link
2021-05-10Michael H. MclambCFOSold 4 Shares$68.71$2750-40.27%Link
2021-05-07William H. Mcgill, Jr.ChairmanSold 25 Shares$65.14$1,6290-37.00%Link
2021-05-07W Brett McgillCEOSold 10 Shares$65.09$65150-36.95%Link
2021-05-05William H. Mcgill, Jr.ChairmanSold 19 Shares$62.2$1,1820-34.02%Link
2021-03-15Michael H MclambCFOSold 5 Shares$60.09$30050-31.70%Link
2021-03-11Anthony E Jr. CassellaCAOSold 2 Shares$57.79$1169-28.98%Link
2021-03-11Michael H MclambCFOSold 2 Shares$57.06$11450-28.08%Link
2021-02-24Charles A CashmanEVPSold 9 Shares$49.3$4440-16.75%Link
2021-02-24Michael H MclambCFOSold 1 Shares$49.05$490-16.33%Link
2021-02-11William H Mcgill JrChairmanSold 1 Shares$45.05$450-8.90%Link
2021-02-08Hilliard M EureDirectorSold 3 Shares$45.05$13517-8.90%Link
2021-01-14Michael H MclambCFOSold 10 Shares$44.07$44158-6.88%Link
2021-01-11Michael H MclambCFOSold 5 Shares$40.08$200732.40%Link
2020-12-28Michael H. MclambCFOSold 5 Shares$38.12$19107.66%Link
2020-12-28Charles R OglesbyDirectorSold 25 Shares$38.78$970125.83%Link
2020-12-24Michael H. MclambCFOSold 3 Shares$38.06$11407.83%Link
2020-12-17William H Mcgill JrChairmanSold 9 Shares$35.05$31535217.09%Link
2020-11-24William H Mcgill JrChairmanSold 4 Shares$35.08$140016.99%Link
2020-11-18Anthony E. Jr. CassellaCAOSold 5 Shares$35.08$175016.99%Link
2020-11-18William H. Mcgill, Jr.ChairmanSold 25 Shares$34.4$860019.30%Link
2020-11-18Charles A CashmanEVPSold 4 Shares$34.13$1373420.25%Link
2020-10-30Joseph Allen WattersDirectorSold 10 Shares$29.37$2948839.73%Link
2020-08-17Charles A CashmanEVPSold 407 Shares$34.05$13,8582720.53%Link
2020-08-17William H Mcgill JrChairmanSold 310 Shares$34.05$10,55631820.53%Link
2020-08-14William H Mcgill JrChairmanSold 20 Shares$32.06$641028.01%Link
2020-08-13Michael H MclambCFOSold 5 Shares$32.05$160028.05%Link
2020-08-10Michael H MclambCFOSold 10 Shares$31.07$311032.09%Link
2020-07-30William H Mcgill JrChairmanSold 10 Shares$30.07$30131936.48%Link
2020-07-30Evelyn V FollitDirectorSold 5 Shares$29.76$1492637.90%Link
2020-07-28W Brett McgillCEOSold 5 Shares$28.57$1434643.65%Link
2020-07-28William H Mcgill JrChairmanSold 1 Shares$30.05$3031936.57%Link
2020-07-28Hilliard M EureDirectorSold 1 Shares$30.05$301736.57%Link


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$HZO I think I like this stock more everyday

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$HZO check out the one month chart.

Perfect bull flag.

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$HZO come on I wana jump up and down

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$HZO we need those buyers and volume.

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$HZO is anyone really buying this shit

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