Haleon plc (HLN) Ownership

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As of August 18, 2022, 3:59pm EST.

Institutional Ownership

There are no institutional owners of Haleon plc (HLN).

Institution Ownership Chart

No institutional data found.

Top Institutions

There are no institutional holders.

Mutual Fund Ownership

Pacific Select Large-Cap Value I is the biggest individual fund holder of Haleon plc (HLN), owning a total of 1.6 million shares. Combined, the top 31 mutual fund holders of HLN own 0.16% of the company with a total of 7.3 million shares.

In the latest ownership report, the top 31 mutual funds have increased their combined ownership of HLN by 5.6 million shares, a 43.53% increase from the quarter prior.

Mutual Funds Chart

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Top Mutual Funds

OwnerPercent OwnedPercent ChangeShares OwnedShare ChangeDate Reported
Pacific Select Large-Cap Value I0.034%0.000%1,580,3001,580,3002022-07-31
Clark Navigator International Equity/ADR0.023%0.000%1,050,3051,050,3052022-07-31
Mercer Non-US Core Equity Y30.013%0.000%620,502620,5022022-07-31
Amana Income Investor0.013%0.000%610,000610,0002022-07-31
VanEck Pharmaceutical ETF0.013%-5.598%606,499-35,9642022-07-29
NBI SmartData International Equity Adv0.010%0.000%453,078453,0782022-07-31
NCIT Clearbridge Large Cap Value B0.009%0.000%411,600411,6002022-07-31
Pacer Global Cash Cows Dividend ETF0.007%1.706%329,6685,5302022-07-29
Hartford Multifactor Dev Mkts (exUS) ETF0.006%0.000%276,29502022-07-29
Evolve Global Healthcare Enh Yld ETF Hdg0.005%0.000%212,762212,7622022-07-31
PF Large-Cap Value P0.004%0.000%201,800201,8002022-07-31
Avantis® International Equity ETF0.004%0.000%165,80902022-07-29
SEI International Equity F (SIT)0.004%0.000%168,406168,4062022-07-31
Dimensional World ex US Core Eq 2 ETF0.003%0.000%117,60302022-07-29
SEI Large Cap Value F (SIMT)0.002%0.000%91,55591,5552022-07-31
Mercer US Large Cap Equity Y30.002%0.000%76,98076,9802022-07-31
Architas Selection Eur Eq Pool G.S. EUR0.001%0.000%65,61165,6112022-07-31
SSQ Triasima Canadian Equity GIF Basic0.001%0.000%51,90002022-07-31
MissionSquare International M0.001%0.000%39,83139,8312022-07-31
SEI World Equity Ex-US A (SIIT)0.001%0.000%37,77437,7742022-07-31
FCF International Quality ETF0.000%0.000%14,01402022-07-29
SEI Screened World Equity Ex-US A (SIIT)0.000%0.000%13,56813,5682022-07-31
FT Value Line Target Sfty 30 4Q 2021 CA0.000%-0.599%8,636-522022-07-29
FT Pharmaceutical Select 43 CA0.000%0.966%9,201882022-07-29
FT Pharmaceutical Select 42 F CA0.000%1.153%9,4751082022-07-29
FT International High Div Equity 44 CA0.000%0.056%10,67362022-07-29
FT International High Div Equity 43 CA0.000%0.009%11,08112022-07-29
FT International High Div Equity 42 CA0.000%-0.067%10,493-72022-07-29
FT International High Div Equity 41 CA0.000%-0.262%9,887-262022-07-29
Saturna Sustainable Equity0.000%0.000%11,50011,5002022-07-31
FT FTP Value Line(R) Tgt Sfy 30 4Q 21 CA0.000%-0.609%8,649-532022-07-29


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