Hyatt Hotels Corporation (H) Insider Transactions

88.36 ↑1.81 (2.09%)
As of Market Close on May 27th, 2022.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-06-29Texas 8-26-22 Trust 2InsiderSold 93 Shares$77.63$7,22043313.82%Link
2021-06-09Margaret C EganInsiderSold 1 Shares$81.66$8238.20%Link
2021-05-21Susan D KronickDirectorSold 1 Shares$76.88$773914.93%Link
2021-03-19Joan BottariniInsiderSold 3 Shares$87.09$26191.46%Link
2021-03-17Peter SearsInsiderSold 8 Shares$89.51$7164-1.28%Link
2021-03-03Mark Samuel HoplamazianInsiderSold 21 Shares$88.55$1,860381-0.21%Link
2021-02-26Malaika MyersInsiderSold 2 Shares$88.1$17600.30%Link
2021-02-23H. Charles FloydInsiderSold 58 Shares$85.39$4,9531253.48%Link
2020-12-17Peter SearsInsiderSold 3 Shares$73$219321.04%Link
2020-12-03Mark Samuel HoplamazianInsiderSold 31 Shares$75.2$2,33141017.50%Link
2020-11-18Mark R VondrasekInsiderSold 679 Shares$71.09$48,270524.29%Link
2020-09-18Mark R. VondrasekInsiderSold 3 Shares$57.04$171054.91%Link
2020-09-08Margaret C EganInsiderSold 2 Shares$58.95$118149.89%Link


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$H we have another weekend of the bears calling for a crash
just to wake up Monday to +.5% up.

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$H I mean ... head and shoulders .....

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$H I'll say it again slowwwllyyyy! Better stocks to short by far

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