GDS Holdings Ltd (GDS) Historical Stock Data

29.29 ↑0.28 (0.97%)
As of Market Close on August 12th, 2022.

Historical Data

In the past 30 trading days, GDS is up 0.28% a day on average. There have been 16 days where GDS Holdings Ltd closed green and 14 days where GDS closed red.

2022-08-1228.3329.29↑$0.96 (3.39%)28.2329.35381.53K
2022-08-1128.6229.01↑$0.39 (1.36%)28.6230.02819.57K
2022-08-1027.7127.52↓$0.19 (-0.69%)26.9028.001.34M
2022-08-0928.1928.10↓$0.09 (-0.32%)27.9628.84443.11K
2022-08-0828.5428.50↓$0.04 (-0.14%)28.2229.44536.32K
2022-08-0528.1529.00↑$0.85 (3.02%)27.5629.15447.13K
2022-08-0429.9629.21↓$0.75 (-2.50%)28.9430.36563.75K
2022-08-0328.3629.11↑$0.75 (2.64%)28.3629.36524.82K
2022-08-0226.9928.56↑$1.57 (5.82%)26.5729.191.19M
2022-08-0125.8626.92↑$1.06 (4.10%)25.2827.281.52M
2022-07-2926.1727.68↑$1.51 (5.77%)26.0327.81882.83K
2022-07-2828.0228.07↑$0.05 (0.18%)27.5728.63659.95K
2022-07-2728.2928.44↑$0.15 (0.53%)27.7528.59384.46K
2022-07-2628.5927.63↓$0.96 (-3.36%)27.1928.59628.41K
2022-07-2528.0628.22↑$0.16 (0.57%)27.3028.411.15M
2022-07-2228.8428.10↓$0.74 (-2.57%)28.0029.25655.21K
2022-07-2129.2329.22↓$0.01 (-0.03%)29.0029.98387.44K
2022-07-2028.8129.15↑$0.34 (1.18%)28.6829.39385.11K
2022-07-1928.6828.85↑$0.17 (0.59%)27.7429.01413.55K
2022-07-1828.2728.07↓$0.20 (-0.71%)28.0229.09887.10K
2022-07-1526.3726.80↑$0.43 (1.63%)25.6827.102.10M
2022-07-1427.7126.80↓$0.91 (-3.28%)26.4028.321.31M
2022-07-1327.3227.91↑$0.59 (2.16%)26.8028.23759.56K
2022-07-1227.8227.32↓$0.50 (-1.80%)26.8728.061.39M
2022-07-1129.3527.82↓$1.53 (-5.20%)27.6629.441.39M
2022-07-0831.4830.97↓$0.51 (-1.62%)30.6631.710.93M
2022-07-0732.8132.69↓$0.12 (-0.37%)31.5233.14841.41K
2022-07-0633.2931.51↓$1.78 (-5.35%)30.7233.80796.06K
2022-07-0533.4133.73↑$0.32 (0.96%)32.3433.871.28M
2022-07-0133.3934.19↑$0.80 (2.40%)33.3934.94539.87K
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$GDS Longs will be rewarded handsomely

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$GDS hows short doing? Keep short pls
we need your money.

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$GDS This may be your last opportunity to buy on the cheap??

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$GDS come on I wana jump up and down

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$GDS love this stock!!!!

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$GDS The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself or another person

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$GDS Buy it up so it crashes harder in the next two trading days

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