Invesco China Technology ETF (CQQQ) Historical Stock Data

50.42 ↑1.85 (3.81%)
As of Market Close on February 1st, 2023.

Historical Data

In the past 30 trading days, CQQQ is up 0.30% a day on average. There have been 19 days where Invesco China Technology ETF closed green and 11 days where CQQQ closed red.

2023-02-0149.5350.42↑$0.89 (1.80%)49.5350.73257.89K
2023-01-3148.2348.57↑$0.34 (0.70%)48.0048.83437.86K
2023-01-3049.3248.89↓$0.43 (-0.87%)48.3349.340.96M
2023-01-2751.0050.96↓$0.04 (-0.08%)50.5351.19141.21K
2023-01-2650.4951.06↑$0.57 (1.13%)50.1851.14373.18K
2023-01-2549.4249.72↑$0.30 (0.61%)48.8949.8688.82K
2023-01-2449.5049.66↑$0.16 (0.32%)49.3249.84870.47K
2023-01-2349.7049.76↑$0.06 (0.12%)49.2549.99244.25K
2023-01-2048.3549.08↑$0.73 (1.51%)48.1249.15334.68K
2023-01-1947.6347.56↓$0.07 (-0.15%)47.3447.9598.46K
2023-01-1848.4046.98↓$1.42 (-2.93%)46.8148.591.27M
2023-01-1747.8947.79↓$0.10 (-0.21%)47.3647.90271.63K
2023-01-1347.5248.20↑$0.68 (1.43%)47.2948.29121.66K
2023-01-1247.6147.55↓$0.06 (-0.13%)46.8347.63217.09K
2023-01-1147.9648.04↑$0.08 (0.17%)47.2948.10220.13K
2023-01-1048.1948.30↑$0.11 (0.23%)47.7048.35145.39K
2023-01-0948.5047.91↓$0.59 (-1.22%)47.8448.89156.64K
2023-01-0647.8248.05↑$0.23 (0.48%)47.1348.22249.67K
2023-01-0547.2347.94↑$0.71 (1.50%)46.9048.15308.71K
2023-01-0447.0147.77↑$0.76 (1.62%)46.6147.90203.14K
2023-01-0345.1745.47↑$0.30 (0.66%)45.1746.02245.74K
2022-12-3043.3743.40↑$0.03 (0.07%)43.1743.83340.71K
2022-12-2943.7044.35↑$0.65 (1.49%)43.7044.35439.15K
2022-12-2844.0243.10↓$0.92 (-2.09%)42.7744.10466.98K
2022-12-2743.3544.44↑$1.09 (2.51%)43.2944.69885.25K
2022-12-2342.8042.33↓$0.47 (-1.10%)42.1142.8099.94K
2022-12-2243.0942.74↓$0.35 (-0.81%)42.4843.21370.50K
2022-12-2142.1843.05↑$0.87 (2.06%)41.8443.14150.68K
2022-12-2041.7942.20↑$0.41 (0.98%)41.6042.67132.22K
2022-12-1943.2042.83↓$0.37 (-0.86%)42.6143.20163.46K
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$CQQQ rocket fuel tanks are full. Gonna shoot to the stars

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$CQQQ this sell-off is meh.

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$CQQQ this market love evrry dips let’s see

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$CQQQ when is the casino going to reopen. I want some money

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$CQQQ Like if the Hedgies are fucked

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$CQQQ a comeback is always more fun than an all out win!!!!

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$CQQQ glad I didn’t chase this isn’t moving anytime soon with all of those call options here lol

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