CHS Inc CM Pref (CHSCM) Ownership

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As of June 30, 2022, 3:59pm EST.

Institutional Ownership

Steward Partners Investment Advisory, LLC is the biggest individual institutional holder of CHS Inc CM Pref (CHSCM), owning a total of 0 shares. Combined, the top 17 institutional holders of CHSCM own 0.00% of the company with a total of 210 thousand shares.

In the latest ownership report, the top 17 institutional holders have decreased their combined ownership of CHSCM by 17 thousand shares, a 7.37% decrease from the quarter prior.

Institution Ownership Chart

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Top Institutions

OwnerPercent OwnedPercent ChangeShares OwnedShare ChangeDate Reported
Steward Partners Investment Advisory, LLC0.000%-100.000%0-1102021-09-30
Tradition Wealth Management LLC0.000%0.000%9,53602022-03-31
Laffer Tengler Investments, Inc.0.000%0.000%3,00002022-03-31
Grace & White Inc0.000%0.000%24,57902022-03-31
Tradition Wealth Management LLC0.000%0.000%9,53602021-12-31
PNC Financial Services Group Inc0.000%0.000%50502021-12-31
Laffer Tengler Investments, Inc.0.000%0.000%3,00002021-12-31
Grace & White Inc0.000%0.000%24,57902021-12-31
Tradition Wealth Management LLC0.000%0.000%9,53602021-09-30
Grace & White Inc0.000%0.000%50,84102021-03-31
Laffer Tengler Investments, Inc.0.000%0.000%3,0003,0002021-09-30
Grace & White Inc0.000%-29.047%24,579-10,0622021-09-30
Tradition Wealth Management LLC0.000%0.000%9,5369,5362021-06-30
Steward Partners Investment Advisory, LLC0.000%0.000%1101102021-06-30
Laffer Tengler Investments, Inc.0.000%-100.000%0-3,0002021-06-30
Grace & White Inc0.000%-31.864%34,641-16,2002021-06-30
Laffer Tengler Investments, Inc.0.000%0.000%3,00002021-03-31

Mutual Fund Ownership

There are no mutual funds owners of CHS Inc CM Pref (CHSCM).

Mutual Funds Chart

No mutual fund data found.

Top Mutual Funds

There are no mutual fund holders.


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$CHSCM when this finally break out we could see huge upside

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$CHSCM Fuk the 1% even though i feel like the 1%

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