CNB Financial Corporation (CCNE) Insider Transactions

24.89 ↓0.62 (-2.43%)
As of Market Close on December 5th, 2022.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-06-15Nicholas N Jr. ScottDirectorBought 4 Shares$24307$97,22823-99.90%Link
2021-06-11Julie M. YoungDirectorBought 37 Shares$24.33$90002.30%Link
2021-03-12Julie M YoungDirectorBought 35 Shares$25.28$8852-1.54%Link
2021-01-07Nicholas N Jr. ScottDirectorBought 500 Shares$29.54$14,77017-15.74%Link
2020-12-22Tito L. LimaCFOBought 750 Shares$20.95$15,713018.81%Link
2020-12-11Julie M YoungDirectorBought 63 Shares$21.3$1,34267316.85%Link
2020-12-09Nicholas N Jr. ScottDirectorBought 63 Shares$21.3$1,3421716.85%Link
2020-11-12Nicholas N Jr. ScottDirectorBought 1 Shares$19.3$191728.96%Link
2020-09-28Francis X Straub IIIDirectorBought 7 Shares$14.26$1002874.54%Link
2020-09-11Julie M YoungDirectorBought 86 Shares$15.63$1,34451059.25%Link
2020-09-04Tito L LimaCFOBought 5 Shares$16.2$81753.64%Link
2020-09-04Peter C VarischettiDirectorBought 3 Shares$25$759-0.44%Link
2020-08-28Nicholas N Jr. ScottDirectorBought 1 Shares$16.63$17049.67%Link
2020-08-26Martin T GriffithEVPBought 3 Shares$25$753-0.44%Link
2020-08-26Peter C VarischettiDirectorBought 3 Shares$25$753-0.44%Link
2020-08-26Joseph B Bower JrCEOBought 4 Shares$25$1004-0.44%Link


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$CCNE When they tell me diversifying is for idiots

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$CCNE go to the bathroom
come back to green! I like it!

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