Community Bank System Inc (CBU) Insider Transactions

65.14 ↑0.23 (0.35%)
As of December 2, 2022, 3:06pm EST.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-05-20Kerrie D MacphersonDirectorBought 439 Shares$79.81$35,0371-18.38%Link
2021-03-10John ParenteDirectorSold 7 Shares$79.36$55667-17.92%Link
2021-02-26Mark J. BolusDirectorSold 4 Shares$72.02$2880-9.55%Link
2021-02-12Sally A SteeleDirectorSold 3 Shares$70.01$21050-6.96%Link
2021-02-12George J GetmanVPSold 4 Shares$70.36$28143-7.42%Link
2020-12-21Susan E SkerrittDirectorBought 161 Shares$62.01$9,9842615.05%Link
2020-12-18John F WhippleDirectorSold 6 Shares$64.15$38531.54%Link
2020-12-15Sally A SteeleDirectorSold 10 Shares$65.4$65450-0.40%Link
2020-12-03Susan E SkerrittDirectorBought 100 Shares$63.99$6,3991001.80%Link
2020-11-23R Kallet MichaelDirectorSold 2 Shares$64.73$129390.63%Link
2020-11-11Neil E FesetteDirectorSold 2 Shares$63.27$12762.96%Link
2020-11-10George J GetmanVPSold 5 Shares$65.08$325410.09%Link
2020-11-09Brian R AceDirectorSold 3 Shares$65.96$19864-1.24%Link
2020-10-30Mark J BolusDirectorSold 2 Shares$57.78$1168012.74%Link
2020-09-30Mark J BolusDirectorSold 1 Shares$55$557918.44%Link


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$CBU When they tell me diversifying is for idiots

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$CBU It’s that TIME!! To Double down!

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