Dutch Bros Inc. (BROS) Ownership

57.35 ↑4.32 (8.15%)
As of Market Close on October 18 2021.

Institutional Ownership

There are no institutional owners of Dutch Bros Inc. (BROS).

Institution Ownership Chart

No institutional data found.

Top Institutions

There are no institutional holders.

Mutual Fund Ownership

Baron Small Cap Retail is the biggest individual fund holder of Dutch Bros Inc. (BROS), owning a total of 418 thousand shares. Combined, the top 22 mutual fund holders of BROS own 4.42% of the company with a total of 2.2 million shares.

In the latest ownership report, the top 22 mutual funds have increased their combined ownership of BROS by 2.2 million shares, a 50.00% increase from the quarter prior.

Mutual Funds Chart

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Top Mutual Funds

OwnerPercent OwnedPercent ChangeShares OwnedShare ChangeDate Reported
Baron Small Cap Retail0.838%0.000%418,182418,1822021-09-30
Baron Opp. Small Cap Growth Strategy0.838%0.000%418,182418,1822021-09-30
American Century Growth Inv0.612%0.000%305,562305,5622021-09-30
BNY Mellon Sm/Md Cp Gr I0.607%0.000%302,892302,8922021-09-30
ClearBridge Small Cap Growth A0.538%0.000%268,617268,6172021-09-30
Royce Value Trust0.396%0.000%197,700197,7002021-09-30
Royce Pennsylvania Mutual Invmt0.218%0.000%108,700108,7002021-09-30
Pacific Select Small-Cap Growth I0.093%0.000%46,60746,6072021-09-30
American Century NT Growth G0.075%0.000%37,20437,2042021-09-30
ClearBridge Variable Small Cap Growth I0.046%0.000%23,10523,1052021-09-30
BNY Mellon Small Cap Multi-Strategy M0.035%0.000%17,37517,3752021-09-30
AB US SMID Cap Growth0.033%0.000%16,65616,6562021-09-30
PF Small-Cap Growth P0.020%0.000%10,19610,1962021-09-30
Destinations Small-Mid Cap Equity I0.020%0.000%9,8469,8462021-09-30
ClearBridge Small Cap Growth CIT CL R-LM0.016%0.000%8,1518,1512021-09-30
SEI Small Cap Growth F (SIMT)0.012%0.000%6,1616,1612021-09-30
SEI Small Cap II A (SIIT)0.006%0.000%2,8832,8832021-09-30
BNYM Mellon Small Mid Cap Growth SMA0.006%0.000%2,8092,8092021-09-30
BNY Mellon Small Cap Gr I0.006%0.000%2,7652,7652021-09-30
Blackrock Russell 2000 Alpha Tilts Fd A0.005%0.000%2,2562,2562021-09-30
WT MFS Mid Cap Growth CL 00.001%0.000%6626622021-09-30
BankInvest USA Small Cap Aktier A0.001%0.000%3003002021-09-30


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