The Liberty Braves Group (BATRA) Insider Transactions

26.11 ↑0.43 (1.67%)
As of Market Close on May 13th, 2022.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-06-03John C. MaloneChairmanSold 17 Shares$44.24$7520-40.98%Link
2021-05-12David E RapleyDirectorSold 1 Shares$41.92$422-37.71%Link
2021-05-10Gamco Investors, Inc. Et AlMajor ShareholderSold 2 Shares$27.4$550-4.71%Link
2021-03-04David E RapleyDirectorSold 1 Shares$44.16$447-40.87%Link
2020-12-02John C MaloneChairmanSold 79 Shares$41.18$3,25313-36.60%Link
2020-11-30John C MaloneChairmanSold 49 Shares$41.28$2,02313-36.75%Link
2020-11-27John C MaloneChairmanSold 16 Shares$42.21$67513-38.14%Link
2020-11-25John C MaloneChairmanSold 70 Shares$41.59$2,91113-37.22%Link
2020-11-23John C MaloneChairmanSold 126 Shares$42.7$5,3802-38.85%Link
2020-11-20John C MaloneChairmanSold 233 Shares$37.01$8,6232-29.45%Link
2020-11-18John C. MaloneChairmanSold 186 Shares$41.19$7,6610-36.61%Link
2020-08-13David E RapleyDirectorSold 2 Shares$36.1$728-27.67%Link


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$BATRA I’m not saying you guys are a bunch of whores
but I’m also not not saying it

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$BATRA today feels different to the moon

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$BATRA one of the poorest performed stocks for a big name.

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