AXT Inc (AXTI) Insider Transactions

5.20 ↓0.05 (-0.95%)
As of Market Close on May 20th, 2022.

Insider Transactions

Transaction DateOwnerRoleActionPriceTotalShares RemainingPrice SinceSource
2021-07-06Morris S. YoungCEOSold 40 Shares$10.49$4200-50.43%Link
2021-06-07Morris S YoungCEOSold 40 Shares$10.48$4190-50.38%Link
2021-05-21Leonard J LeblancDirectorSold 10 Shares$9.86$99184-47.26%Link
2021-05-07Morris S. YoungCEOSold 9 Shares$9.77$880-46.78%Link
2021-05-05Morris S. YoungCEOSold 30 Shares$9.64$2890-46.06%Link
2021-04-06Morris S. YoungCEOSold 40 Shares$12.25$4900-57.55%Link
2021-04-05Gary L FischerCFOSold 10 Shares$12.52$125318-58.47%Link
2021-04-01Gary L FischerCFOSold 10 Shares$12.03$120328-56.77%Link
2021-03-05Morris S. YoungCEOSold 40 Shares$10.97$4390-52.60%Link
2021-02-26Jesse ChenDirectorSold 10 Shares$13.09$13193-60.28%Link
2021-02-23Jesse ChenDirectorSold 10 Shares$13.69$137113-62.02%Link
2021-01-05Morris S. YoungCEOSold 37 Shares$10.01$3700-48.05%Link
2020-12-07Morris S YoungCEOSold 37 Shares$9.76$3611-46.72%Link
2020-11-16Morris S. YoungCEOSold 12 Shares$8.25$990-36.97%Link
2020-11-12Morris S YoungCEOSold 20 Shares$7.35$1470-29.25%Link
2020-11-11Gary L FischerCFOSold 10 Shares$7.04$70340-26.14%Link
2020-11-09Gary L FischerCFOSold 20 Shares$6.87$137350-24.31%Link
2020-11-05Morris S YoungCEOSold 5 Shares$6$300-13.33%Link
2020-10-05Gary L FischerCFOSold 19 Shares$6.59$125208-21.09%Link
2020-10-05Morris S. YoungCEOSold 5 Shares$6.4$320-18.75%Link
2020-10-02Gary L FischerCFOSold 19 Shares$6.44$122200-19.25%Link
2020-09-29Gary L FischerCFOSold 40 Shares$6.3$252240-17.46%Link
2020-09-16Morris S. YoungCEOSold 5 Shares$6.01$300-13.48%Link
2020-08-26Morris S YoungCEOSold 5 Shares$6$300-13.33%Link


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$AXTI glad I didn’t chase this isn’t moving anytime soon with all of those call options here lol

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$AXTI they don’t want us to shine… But we gon shine…

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