Altabancorp (ALTA) Ownership

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As of September 30, 2021, 3:59pm EST.

Institutional Ownership

BlackRock Inc is the biggest individual institutional holder of Altabancorp (ALTA), owning a total of 1.2 million shares. Combined, the top 43 institutional holders of ALTA own 77.31% of the company with a total of 14.6 million shares.

In the latest ownership report, the top 43 institutional holders have increased their combined ownership of ALTA by 1.1 million shares, a 6.88% increase from the quarter prior.

Institution Ownership Chart

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Top Institutions

OwnerPercent OwnedPercent ChangeShares OwnedShare ChangeDate Reported
BlackRock Inc6.475%3.429%1,222,90140,5382021-06-30
BlackRock Inc6.264%8.815%1,182,36395,7792021-03-31
DAVIS CAPITAL PARTNERS, LLC5.246%0.000%990,28302021-03-31
DAVIS CAPITAL PARTNERS, LLC5.243%0.000%990,28302021-06-30
Vanguard Group Inc3.756%4.850%709,03332,7962021-03-31
Vanguard Group Inc3.755%0.017%709,1561232021-06-30
FJ Capital Management LLC3.212%0.000%606,300606,3002021-03-31
FJ Capital Management LLC3.119%-2.853%589,000-17,3002021-06-30
Copperwynd Financial, LLC3.055%0.000%576,67002021-03-31
Copperwynd Financial, LLC3.053%0.000%576,67002021-06-30
Dimensional Fund Advisors, Inc.2.825%-0.955%533,289-5,1422021-03-31
Dimensional Fund Advisors, Inc.2.806%-0.636%529,896-3,3932021-06-30
Wasatch Advisors Inc.2.586%1.322%488,2296,3682021-03-31
Forest Hill Capital, LLC1.799%0.000%339,62602021-03-31
State Street Corporation1.751%9.057%330,67527,4612021-06-30
State Street Corporation1.606%-2.147%303,214-6,6542021-03-31
Ameriprise Financial Inc1.574%4.296%297,15712,2392021-03-31
Ameriprise Financial Inc1.551%-1.409%292,971-4,1862021-06-30
Geode Capital Management, LLC1.476%6.527%278,81217,0842021-06-30
Geode Capital Management, LLC1.387%-0.932%261,728-2,4632020-12-31
Magnetar Financial LLC1.108%0.000%209,252209,2522021-06-30
Soltis Investment Advisors, LLC1.012%-25.810%191,005-66,4492021-03-31
Soltis Investment Advisors, LLC1.011%-0.060%190,891-1142021-06-30
Northern Trust Corp0.976%4.498%184,2827,9322021-06-30
Northern Trust Corp0.934%-7.969%176,350-15,2712021-03-31
Morgan Stanley - Brokerage Accounts0.722%10,918.100%136,294135,0572021-06-30
Wasatch Advisors Inc.0.691%-73.289%130,412-357,8172021-06-30
Renaissance Technologies Corp0.650%-27.131%122,740-45,7002021-03-31
Mutual Of America Capital Management LLC0.619%0.000%116,895116,8952021-06-30
HEALTHCARE OF ONTARIO PENSION PLAN TRUST FUND0.614%0.000%115,900115,9002021-06-30
Diamond Hill Capital Management Inc0.583%17.278%110,02016,2092021-03-31
Diamond Hill Capital Management Inc0.583%0.000%110,02002021-06-30
Charles Schwab Investment Management Inc0.564%4.947%106,4645,0182021-06-30
Bank of New York Mellon Corp0.560%1.573%105,6311,6362021-03-31
Bank of New York Mellon Corp0.551%-1.525%104,020-1,6112021-06-30
Charles Schwab Investment Management Inc0.537%1.726%101,4461,7212021-03-31
Cnh Partners, LLC0.516%0.000%97,47997,4792021-06-30
Stifel Financial Corp0.514%0.000%97,00002021-03-31
EJF Capital LLC0.479%-46.072%90,478-77,2982021-03-31
Goldman Sachs Group Inc0.476%337.807%89,89569,3622021-06-30
Nuveen Asset Management, LLC0.364%-3.658%68,764-2,6112021-03-31
Keebeck Alpha, LP0.362%0.000%68,28868,2882021-06-30
Mellon Investments Corporation0.345%2.199%65,0691,4002021-03-31

Mutual Fund Ownership

Wasatch Micro Cap is the biggest individual fund holder of Altabancorp (ALTA), owning a total of 465 thousand shares. Combined, the top 83 mutual fund holders of ALTA own 59.57% of the company with a total of 11.3 million shares.

In the latest ownership report, the top 83 mutual funds have decreased their combined ownership of ALTA by 350 thousand shares, a 3.01% decrease from the quarter prior.

Mutual Funds Chart

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Top Mutual Funds

OwnerPercent OwnedPercent ChangeShares OwnedShare ChangeDate Reported
Wasatch Micro Cap2.463%2.092%464,9169,5252021-03-31
iShares Russell 2000 ETF2.252%0.000%425,34302021-09-30
iShares Russell 2000 ETF2.235%-0.248%422,123-1,0502021-08-31
iShares Russell 2000 ETF2.230%-0.199%420,933-8382021-06-30
iShares Russell 2000 ETF2.203%-0.702%416,033-2,9402021-07-30
Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx Inv1.961%0.098%370,3033632021-09-30
Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx Inv1.960%0.041%369,9401512021-06-30
Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx Inv1.959%0.000%369,94002021-08-31
Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx Inv1.959%0.000%369,94002021-07-31
Vanguard Extended Market Index Investor1.232%3.650%232,7698,1972021-09-30
Vanguard Extended Market Index Investor1.189%0.141%224,5723162021-08-31
Vanguard Extended Market Index Investor1.187%2.152%224,2564,7252021-07-31
Vanguard Extended Market Index Investor1.163%-0.427%219,531-9422021-06-30
iShares Russell 2000 Value ETF1.047%1.742%197,6233,3842021-06-30
iShares Russell 2000 Value ETF1.010%0.000%190,81502021-07-30
iShares Russell 2000 Value ETF1.002%0.000%189,23102021-08-31
iShares Russell 2000 Value ETF0.984%0.000%185,85302021-09-30
Columbia Small Cap Value I A0.764%1.192%144,3621,7002021-07-31
Columbia Small Cap Value I A0.756%3.632%142,6625,0002021-06-30
Columbia Small Cap Value I0.755%6.654%142,6628,9002021-06-30
DFA US Small Cap I0.745%1.607%140,7822,2262021-08-31
DFA US Small Cap I0.745%0.000%140,78202021-09-30
DFA US Small Cap I0.734%2.630%138,5563,5512021-07-31
DFA US Small Cap I0.715%0.000%135,00502021-05-31
DFA US Small Cap I0.715%0.000%135,00502021-06-30
Columbia Small Cap Value I0.709%4.696%133,7626,0002021-03-31
Fidelity® Small Cap Index0.696%0.000%131,36602021-08-31
Fidelity® Small Cap Index0.696%0.930%131,3661,2102021-07-31
Wasatch Micro Cap0.690%-71.972%130,306-334,6102021-06-30
Fidelity® Small Cap Index0.689%8.348%130,15610,0282021-06-30
Columbia Small Cap Value I A0.686%-10.219%129,610-14,7522021-08-31
Fidelity® Small Cap Index0.636%0.914%120,1281,0882021-05-31
Mutual of America Small Cap Growth0.575%0.000%108,680108,6802021-06-30
Diamond Hill Small Cap Equity0.567%0.000%107,10002021-06-30
Mutual of America Small Cap Growth0.567%-1.433%107,123-1,5572021-09-30
Diamond Hill Small Cap Equity0.567%0.000%107,10002021-09-30
Diamond Hill Small Cap Equity0.567%0.000%107,10002021-08-31
Diamond Hill Small Cap Inv0.557%0.000%105,20602021-06-30
Diamond Hill Small Cap Inv0.557%0.000%105,20602021-08-31
Diamond Hill Small Cap Inv0.557%0.000%105,20602021-09-30
Diamond Hill Small Cap Inv0.557%0.000%105,20602021-07-31
Columbia VP Small Cap Value 10.541%-2.669%102,123-2,8002021-06-30
Fidelity® Small Cap Index0.539%0.000%101,69602021-01-31
Columbia VP Small Cap Value 10.529%-2.154%99,923-2,2002021-07-31
1919 Financial Services A0.487%-5.155%92,000-5,0002021-06-30
Columbia VP Small Cap Value 10.475%-10.259%89,672-10,2512021-08-31
DFA US Micro Cap I0.459%5.087%86,7634,2002021-09-30
DFA US Micro Cap I0.437%4.782%82,5633,7682021-08-31
State St Russell Sm/Mid Cp® Indx NL Cl C0.436%4.178%82,2913,3002021-08-31
State St Russell Sm/Mid Cp® Indx NL Cl C0.436%0.000%82,29102021-09-30
Columbia Small Cap Value I A0.428%-37.622%80,848-48,7622021-09-30
Columbia Small Cap Value I0.428%-43.329%80,848-61,8142021-09-30
State St Russell Sm/Mid Cp® Indx NL Cl C0.419%0.000%78,99102021-06-30
State St Russell Sm/Mid Cp® Indx NL Cl C0.418%0.000%78,99102021-07-31
DFA US Micro Cap I0.417%5.052%78,7953,7892021-07-31
Fidelity® Extended Market Index0.416%2.657%78,6252,0352021-09-30
Fidelity® Extended Market Index0.406%3.161%76,5902,3472021-05-31
Fidelity® Extended Market Index0.406%0.000%76,59002021-08-31
Fidelity® Extended Market Index0.406%0.000%76,59002021-07-31
Fidelity® Extended Market Index0.406%0.000%76,59002021-06-30
DFA US Micro Cap I0.397%4.369%75,0063,1402021-05-31
DFA US Micro Cap I0.397%0.000%75,00602021-06-30
1919 Financial Services A0.392%-19.565%74,000-18,0002021-07-31
1919 Financial Services A0.361%0.000%68,20002021-09-30
1919 Financial Services A0.361%-7.838%68,200-5,8002021-08-31
Schwab US Small-Cap ETF™0.348%0.153%65,6611002021-09-30
DFA US Targeted Value I0.347%0.000%65,50602021-05-31
DFA US Targeted Value I0.347%0.000%65,50602021-06-30
State St Russell Sm Cap® Indx NL Cl C0.343%0.000%64,71802021-06-30
State St Russell Sm Cap® Indx NL Cl C0.343%0.000%64,71802021-07-31
State St Russell Sm Cap® Indx NL Cl C0.343%0.000%64,71802021-08-31
State St Russell Sm Cap® Indx NL Cl C0.343%0.000%64,71802021-09-30
NT R2000 Value Index Fund - NL0.334%11.677%62,9776,5852021-06-30
NT R2000 Index Fund - NL0.327%14.209%61,6597,6712021-06-30
DFA US Targeted Value I0.317%-8.528%59,920-5,5862021-07-31
NT R2000 Value Index Fund - NL0.315%-5.691%59,393-3,5842021-09-30
NT R2000 Index Fund - NL0.308%-5.527%58,251-3,4082021-09-30
Columbia VP Small Cap Value 10.294%-38.178%55,437-34,2352021-09-30
NT R2000 Index Fund - DC - NL - 20.237%-3.604%44,807-1,6752021-09-30
Vanguard Russell 2000 ETF0.218%-0.659%41,175-2732021-09-30
Schwab Small Cap Index0.202%-2.015%38,215-7862021-09-30
DFA US Core Equity 2 I0.197%0.000%37,23702021-09-30
NT R2000 Value Index Fund - L0.180%-2.416%34,051-8432021-09-30


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